Pastoral Council

Through prayerful consultation and dialogue, the Pastoral Council establishes the parish mission, vision and goals. They oversee, in cooperation with the Pastor, the programs and organizations which are designed to implement these goals.

The Council is comprised of 6 actively practicing members of the parish who are elected by the parish members to a three-year term of service. The ex-officio members of the Council are the Priest and Trustees.

All members of the parish are welcome to attend Pastoral Council meetings or to contact council members with questions or suggestions.

Please watch the bulletin for Pastoral Council meeting dates.

If any parishioner has a question or suggestion regarding St. Joseph Church, please contact one of the council members:

Doug Kotecki – President

Patti Behrens – Vice Chair

Laura Leigh – Secretary

 Terry Dickinson – Secretary Trustee

  Rob Chapados – Treasurer Trustee

 Carol Carlson

Doug Crandall

Holly Fox

Michelle Kent


ST. JOSEPH COUNCIL ELECTIONS: Elections for Pastoral Council and Secretary Trustee are June 25-26, 2022

Seeking Candidates
The weekend of June 25-26, 2022, we will be conducting our Pastoral Council elections. We are seeking candidates to fill two vacancies on the Pastoral Council that would serve for a 3-year term and the Treasurer Trustee position that would serve for a 2-year term.

Pastoral Council Member
The council assists and advises the pastor in his decisions concerning matters of the parish and participates in parish planning based upon the inputs of the parishioners and needs of the parish.

Treasurer Trustee
The Treasurer Trustee serves on behalf of the parishioners, as an advisor and counselor to the Pastor and consultative bodies of the parish. Serves as a member of the parish corporate board. Responsible to ensure that the parish maintains accurate and detailed financial parish corporation records.

Are You Feeling Called?
The overall responsibility for our parish lies with all of us, not just the priest and staff. We ask you to please join us in this journey by discerning whether you feel called to serve on Pastoral Council or as the Secretary Trustee.

If you, or someone you know would be a strong candidate for either position, please submit their name(s) by May 21, 2022. Nomination Forms are available at each door. Drop in the election box or email your nominations Laura Kisting at

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